English Christmas Crackers

We are all about Crackers !
British designed Crackers that are handmade extraordinarily, unmatched in quality plus – we offer fantastic service.  That’s what we do best!
You’ll find our crackers are crafted by hand with materials sourced from all over the world using fine papers from the UK, Italy, Switzerland and Germany and the glitteriest paper from India.  Lush fabrics, hand tied bows and the Robin Reed layer effect (we can’t resist adding that little bit extra) give our English Christmas Crackers their unique style.

It’s that that keeps our customers coming back for more, more, more!


In 1975 Julian made his first box of crackers in his bedroom.  Since then our range has grown quite a bit – we supply crackers all over the world from Sweden to Australia and we don’t work out of Julian’s bedroom anymore.  The passion remains the same, an obsession with Crackers that never stints on craftmanship or quality.

The company has its head office in West Bromwich UK and offices in Hong Kong and the USA.     We supply a large range of Christmas and Party crackers through our catalogue and we work with a number of recognised retailers worldwide to create their own exclusive and bespoke ranges.

Julian C B Reed
Founder and CEO