Robin Reed has been manufacturing quality Christmas and party crackers since 1975 – making it the oldest established Christmas cracker company in the UK.
All of our crackers are carefully made by hand using traditional methods and materials to give a quality finish – fabrics, ribbons, embellishments, glitter and lush bows are all part of what makes Robin Reed crackers special.


“I discovered my passion for crackers when I made my first box when 13 years old. Even then I knew that for the company to succeed I needed to offer the best product possible. We still make all our crackers carefully by hand maintaining the 160 year old tradition of
crackers. To earn a place on your table each season we only use the finest papers from around the world, original and useful gifts inside – oh, and of course, the corniest jokes we can find ! It is a long time since I was 13 but the passion for crackers has never changed.”

Julian C B Reed
Founder and CEO